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Balance With Yoga

Balance With Yoga: The friendliest Yoga in Huntsville!

Welcome to Balance With Yoga.

I wanted to create a friendly, peaceful calm class setting where everyone feels comfortable and welcome.

With the help of yoga excercise you can learn to balance your life mentally and physically.


Yoga helps make the body stronger and more flexable while setting the intention for you to be in a more positive state of mind there for helping to reduce negative emotions like stress, anger and depression. The benefits of yoga are endless. Whatever you are wanting to get from your yoga exercise is achievable and I am trained to assist you in effectively reaching your goals. 



Balance Mind * Balance Body * Balance Life


New Students


My classes are 50 minutes 

Please call or email for class prices.


What you will need to bring to class:

  • A mat
  • Water
  • Towel (Optional)



It is best that you come to class 10/15 minutes early so that you have time to sign in. You are welcome to come even earlier if you would like to relax and/or stretch before class. 


Make sure your cell phones are off and keys are put away before entering the class. We want everyone to enjoy the full benefits of yoga and the practice is based on being in a calm place .


There is no judging in our yoga classes.

Your practice is your practice.

Our needs are not all the same, so relax and enjoy this time to do something healthy for yourself.




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Available Monday thru Friday

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