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My name is Tara Grisham and I am a certified yoga teacher / Yoga Alliance standards of training. I started my practice of yoga more out of curiosity. I enjoyed my first class and I started taking classes 2 to 3 times a week. I had some personal issues like not sleeping well and minor aches and pains, before long I could see and feel the benefits that came from doing yoga. I could tell I was just a more positive person all together. I decided I wanted to learn more and eventually made the decision to become a yoga instructor.


"I teach a style of yoga that is more gentle and follow with a guided meditation."


People sometimes think that they can not do yoga because of age or they are not flexable or have weight or balance issues.


Yoga is helpful in many ways and can benefit you whoever you are.

If you want postive balance in your life then yoga is for you.

My classes are for anyone that wants to enjoy a fun and stress reducing experience while also helping make your body stronger and more flexable. 


I know how busy our lives are.


We can not always avoid negative and stressful situations but yoga can help us deal with them.


We do so much for other people that sometimes we forget to remember to take care of ourselves.




Tara RYT

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